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Included below is a list of common questions about Ʋ and our subscriptions. If you don’t see your question there, feel free to shoot us an email or ask your question on our Discord server. If you send us an email, you’ll hear from us within 48 hours (usually sooner).

Ʋ is a new record club specializing in Vaporwave related releases on vinyl. Each month subscribers will be sent a hand picked album, selected by our team of curators. Subscribers also gain access to the Ʋ web store where a myriad of other titles from artists and labels can be purchased. The Amsterdam based company strives to promote the electronic music genre and create a fair platform for artists and labels to buy and sell records on.

You’ll receive the current Album of the Month (AotM) and also get access to the Ʋ Record Store. Depending on the type of subscription you have, you’ll keep receiving the AotM each month until your subscription ends.

First, select the region you live in by clicking on one of the options on the ‘Join now!’ or Album of the Month (AotM) page. Then in the next window, you can select how many months you would like to subscribe to Ʋ for.

Around the 14th of each month, the next Album of the Month (AotM) will be announced. You’ll have two weeks time from that day on to decide if you want to opt-in or “Switch” the album with something else from the Ʋ store.

So for instance, on June 14th the AotM for July will be announced. When you subscribe between the 14th and 28th of July (you always get two weeks to decide) you’ll receive the AotM of July. If you have a month-to-month subscription (1-month) you have to opt-in during these two weeks. If you’re a 3 or 6-month subscriber you’ll automatically receive next month’s AotM. However, if you’d rather not receive that month’s AotM you can choose to “Switch” (swap) with something else from the store.

Our expert team of curators selects the AotM each month. Our curators come from a diverse set of backgrounds, some are musical artists themselves, others run record labels, a group of them have been around since the beginning of the genre, while others are fresh faces.

All of them love discovering new music and they’ve been chosen specifically for their knowledge and mileage. Whether they specialize in a certain (sub) genre or are fans of everything Vaporwave, our team are always on the lookout for new sounds.

Not a problem. Once the next Album of the Month (AotM) has been announced subscribers have the option to "Switch" (swap) the AotM with a record in the Ʋ store. (This feature will be available starting April 2019)

Yes. Just select the “International – Rest of World” option on the ‘Join now!’ or Album of the Month (AotM) page and follow the instructions through checkout.

Records are typically shipped during the first week of the month and arrive 3 – 14 days after, depending on where you’re located. You’ll receive an email with more information once your record has been shipped.

US & Canada

Monthly: $29 per month
3-month: $79 every 3 months ($26,33 per month)
6-month: $155 every 6 months ($25,83 per month)

European Union countries

Monthly: €29 per month, incl. 21% VAT
3-month: €79 every 3 months, incl. 21% VAT (€26,33 per month)
6-months: €155 every 6 months, incl. 21% VAT (€25,83 per month)

International (Rest of World)

Monthly: $42 per month
3-month: $105 every 3 months ($35 per month)
6-months: $205 every 6 months ($34,16 per month)